The Cosiest, Most Gentle Knitwear in the World

Made with Love by Motherly Hands

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Alpaca Knitwear for Children

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Reasons why customers love our knitwear

Wonderfully Cosy

Alpaca makes hands down the warmest knitwear in the world, much warmer than cashmere. At the same time, the crimp of the fibres makes it more breathable.

Gentle to baby's skin

Alpaca is a hypoallergenic fibre with a natural deep lustre. It has a soft and silky handle and is free of lanolin (suitable for children prone to eczema).

Exquisite knitwork

Each piece in the collection is entirely made by hand using traditional knitting methods passed down from mother to daughter over multiple generations.

Durable knitwear and easy to care for. Two more reasons to love alpaca.

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Clothing for Everyday Use

Alpaca garments are more resistant to dust and everyday use than cashmere. Don't be afraid to let your baby climb, crawl and roll around with friends while having fun at the playground. That's what children are supposed to do.